• Carolina Reaper and Ghost Chilli sauce

    Today, we're giving "Reapers & Ghosts" to you, the "that's not hot enough" crowd. We hope it delivers that napalm taste experience that you crave.
  • Transatlantic Habanero Express

    Transatlantic Habanero Express is now arriving at gate 3. A heavy-hitting, citrus habanero hot sauce from the combined minds of Lukes Handcrafted Hot Sauce and Singularity Sauce Co.
  • We made a mild sauce using the worlds hottest chillies and gave it a silly name

    Over the years, we've noticed something weird…not everybody likes superhot sauce. It's taken us a while to wrap our heads around that and after many, many requests to make a mild sauce, well, we have.
  • New stockists in Aberdeenshire and Banff

    Delighted to add Milton Brasserie at Banchory and Oliveira's in Banff to our growing list of stockists.
  • Find Singularity Sauce in Aberdeenshire and London

    You can now find us stocked in Formartine's in Aberdeenshire and by Hop Burns & Black in London.
  • The sauce which started it all is back…briefly

    Our early testers will remember "O". It's the first sauce we sent out in bottles to get feedback on. We've decided to bring it back briefly, for a last hurrah before we leave those early pages of our recipe book behind permanently. We've even dressed it up in its original label style.
  • Week one done

    A little roundup of our first week. It's been an exciting few days where you can now buy online and find our sauces in various places.
  • Purple Naga Viper Brain

    That's quite a mouthful huh? Which is ironic because the last thing you'd want is a full mouthful of these little beauties.
  • This hot sauce company is go!

    Leading up to the launch of Singularity Sauce Co, we sent sauce to death metal vocalist Karl Willetts (Memoriam and Bolt Thrower) to make sure it was brutal enough. Karl loved it.