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7 Pot Mango

7 Pot Mango

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We once made a sauce so fearsome that it caused Russell Brand to waffle on about dolls houses and Teletubbies on Hot Ones. We just levelled it up for a new generation.

Let's be clear, we've got a bit of form with 7 Pot Yellows and face-melting fruity flavour. Our 7 Pot Pineapple sauce is the 2021-22 UK calienté champion. We've since tuned those skills to the max on Brambles and now Mango.


Heat: 4/5

Ingredients (allergens in bold):

Fermented yellow peppers, Mangoes (42%), Fermented 7 pot chillies (8%), Fermented moruga scorpions, Apple vinegar, Salt, Xanthan gum

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