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Face Off

Face Off

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Wait, what? Ice hockey & Hot Sauce? You're DAMN right. We've teamed up with Aberdeen Lynx. People just like us but with sharper feet, big sticks and actual physical fitness. And together, we're making the BBQ sauces of your dreams.

Just like a tilt between two heavyweights, this bbq sauce packs a punch. After a quick breather and a water break, you're ready to go again!

Warning: You might break a sweat like playing a full shift, short benched.


Heat: 3/5

Ingredients (allergens in bold):
ScotchMash (Fermented red peppers, Fermented scotch bonnets, Fermented red onion, Salt), Passata, Maple syrup, White wine vinegar, Chipotle, Allspice, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Salt

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