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If there's one thing Aberdeen knows, it's oil. We're more into dinner than drilling though so we've stuck to what we know. We've made friends with the wonderful OLA in Aberdeenshire who supply us with their unbeatable, cold pressed rapeseed oil. Grown and pressed less than 20KM from us. We then infuse it with the most locally grown Orange Habaneros we can get our hands on.

From the oil capital. Done locally. Done right.

You'll want to batter this one over your noodles, veggies, pasta dishes, pizza, salads and well, pretty much whatever you're having tbh. Exercise caution if you decide to fry anything in it though, it'll getcha right in the nose hole.


Heat: 3/5

Ingredients (allergens in bold):
Scottish cold pressed rapeseed oil, Scottish grown Orange Habaneros