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Our most sought after product. This chipotle infused Maple Syrup currently has several names and just as many visual styles. It likes to keep you guessing*

Everyone loves Maple Syrup. It's perfection itself. Or so you thought…

We have had spicy honey and we have also had spicy maple syrup. Both are fantastic but there's just one more improvement needed. We wanted the flavour that only chipotle can deliver. Like a smoke bomb right to the face.

We've tweaked it, changed the production process, experimented with volumes, bottle styles, names and label styles. The only thing that has remained constant so far is the fact that this is the most awesome thing ever.

* It'll change name and style one more time.

This is addictive. It might change how you feel about bacon, cheese, pancakes, chips, pizza, bread, ice cream and BBQ. You will almost certainly find yourself taking a swig out the bottle when nobody is watching. We will never judge you.


Heat: 1/5

Ingredients (allergens in bold):

Grade A Maple Syrup, Chipotle