Aberdeen Lynx takeover event at Curated Aberdeen

Aberdeen Lynx takeover event at Curated Aberdeen

Crowds, noise, atmosphere and happy stallholders. Oh and two local ice hockey stars smashing fiery hot wings into their faces. Saturday 13th May, 2023 won't be a day at Curated that will be forgotten.

I wrote recently about our first month at Curated Aberdeen. In there, I mentioned takeover events and how those will create opportunities. 

Saturday was the first takeover. The championship winning Aberdeen Lynx rolled into the Bon Accord Centre. They brought all sorts of fun things with them. Not least of which was a good number of the team and the league trophy itself. The scene was set then. 

And what a scene it was. The Lynx have a large and loyal following across all ages. They are a draw. If you go to their often sold out games, you already know that. 

The end result was the most enjoyable day we’ve had at Curated yet. The buzz around the place was special. It was busy all day with fans, families, organisers and many of the team, all showing up throughout the day. This on top of the regular Curated visitors. It was the busiest day I have seen there yet. 

It was great to see some stallholders become sold out in the afternoon. As far as I could see, it was a completely positive experience for everyone involved. Well, except for Jack Flynn in the hot wing challenge of course… [You can watch the whole challenge here]

More events like this in the city all the time please. 

Well done to Charlie House for having the vision and enthusiasm to put this on. The work done in organising and marketing the event was great. 

If you’ve got something to make a noise about, why not speak to Curated Aberdeen about a takeover event? We stallholders will be there to back it.

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