Collection: Prototype Club

We love getting in the kitchen and giving it huge doses of “what if?”. That’s where all our products ultimately start. We’ve opened the doors of our lab and invite you to get crazy with our prototypes.

Prototype Club

3 Exclusive Hot Sauces every 3 Months

Our subscription is not like the others. It only includes the new and shiny. The often unhinged and the experimental. The micro batch sauces your mates probably don't have. And we know that matters. Bragging rights are important.

The back catalogue

Looking for that sauce you loved or maybe you're keen to see what you missed?

Box 07 - May 2024

Nice try ;)

Box 06 - Feb 2024

  • Pineapple & Booch Mustard
  • Hot Islay BBQ
  • One Hot Pig

Box 05 - Nov 2023

  • Something Smokey
  • Kimchi Thing
  • You Put What in Mustard?

Box 04 - Aug 2023

  • Hopped Up Brambles with Apricots and Ghost Chillies
  • Cheap Sauce
  • Fire Seed 01

Box 03 - May 2023

  • 7 Pot Honeyberry
  • Het Sass: Smokin' Miso
  • Barrel Aged 7 Pot Bramble

Box 02 - Feb 2023

  • Sare Face…Ah
  • Tea Bird
  • Het Sass: Mustard

Box 01 - Nov 2022

  • Not The First Time Everything Went Wrong When Whisky Was Involved
  • Buy Ice Cream 2022
  • These Apricots Are Born to Die

Where's all this leading?

When we invented Prototype Club back in 2022, we had a clear vision that it would lead our new product development. By involving you, our most trusted critics, we're able to rapidly develop our ideas into a new things to improve all of our meals, all of the time. And the best part? We all get unique sauces that can't be bought anywhere else.

Thing is, we've got a lot of ideas. We've got notebooks full of unreleased sauces, untried flavour pairings and all levels of heat.

As we grow, so does Prototype Club. It's the most original hot sauce subscription of them all. And you're invited to come along for the adventure.