Singularity Sauce Co. is a tiny business operating from the countryside in the north east  of Scotland. We love to make small batch hot sauce by hand. We use local, seasonal ingredients wherever we can, so each batch is its own unique beast.

This thing started back in 2015 at the BBQ we hold on our street each year. We took some of the sauce we'd been making along for people to try and it went down well. The thought that this little hobby could actually become a business was born. Over the next couple of years, friends, family and neighbours got to sample the sauce. The feedback gained through this got us to where we now are. 20 prototype recipes were made, each gaining from the process and feedback from the last. We got to summer 2018 with four recipes to launch with and a million ideas for more.

November 2018 saw Singularity Sauce Co start trading as a real business.

The first nine singularity sauces

Right at the start we were asked "is there really any need for another hot sauce?". We know there are many amazing hot sauces available from small batch and craft producers worldwide (we're fans of loads of them) and it seemed odd that Aberdeenshire wasn't represented on the superhot scale. We set out to change that by trialling many local products and cranking the Scoville scale well over 1 million.

We hope you enjoy our flavours combined with some of the hottest chillies available.

The business chat

We are Singularity Sauce Co. Ltd, a company registered in Scotland under company number SC647239 and with our registered office at 7 Bain's Park, Tarves, Ellon, AB41 7QH. 

Our VAT number is 340077430.

"Singularity Sauce Co." is a registered trademark of Singularity Sauce Co. Ltd.