If you're not planning your meals around your hot sauce collection, you're probably not like us. But we know some of you are, because you tell us so. And every time someone tries a hot sauce and likes it, there's one more of us, and one less of them.

Perceptions of hot sauce were a little challenging in NE Scotland when we burst onto the scene in 2019. As the first dedicated hot sauce producer in the region, we took on the job of changing those perceptions. We began showcasing the limitless variety of flavours available. We brought fermented hot sauce to the North East and the region loved the big funk. We now take our sauces and the flavours of the North East out to the world.

Today, our sauces sell throughout the UK and Europe. You can find us in coffee shops, farm shops and retailers of all shapes and sizes. And still, nothing pleases us more than popping up at markets and events to talk hot sauce with people. Still working on those perceptions, face to face.

We've never had any ambition to make the hottest sauce out there. We don't pursue heat as a cause. The heat in our sauces is the natural consequence of the flavours we chase. That heat is your reward.

We continue to fly in the face of cheaply made supermarket and novelty sauces. We do not thank you for "hot sauce" which is essentially spicy vinegar. We don't want yet more ketchup based BBQ sauces.

Hot sauce is our main event. Our brand continues to turn heads and raise hell. We started a conversation and we continue to get people talking.

The business chat

We are Singularity Sauce Co. Ltd, a company registered in Scotland under company number SC647239 and with our registered office at 7 Bain's Park, Tarves, Ellon, AB41 7QH. 

Our VAT number is GB340077430.

"Singularity Sauce Co." is a registered trademark of Singularity Sauce Co. Ltd.