Aberdeen Lynx Warm Up Sponsors 2022/23 Season

Aberdeen Lynx Warm Up Sponsors 2022/23 Season

Mark McAulay

Early in 2022, we started working with the Aberdeen Lynx Ice Hockey team. We found some similarities in each other and figured the hook up would be a good fit. Ultimately we started making hot sauce with the team. Co-branded sauces where 50% of the profit goes directly to help with running costs. We think this is the first time that a hockey team has its own hot sauce.

So the first collaboration between an ice hockey team and a hot sauce maker in the world, wasn't a bad start.

But we wanted to do more. And we started talking about the possibility of actually being an official sponsor of the organisation. We really wanted to sponsor the pre-game warm up. It doesn't get more on brand than "warm up with Singularity Sauce Co". As it turned out, the Lynx were really receptive to this and brought their own ideas about how that might happen. What we've ended up with then, is a new dedicated warm up shirt, worn by the team during the pre-game warmup on the ice. And slap bang on the front of that shirt, is the Singularity Sauce Co logo.

This forms part of the official Aberdeen Lynx shirt lineup.

Any other ice hockey teams in the world sporting a hot sauce co as a shirt sponsor? We'll just go ahead and call that as another worlds first then.

Here's to a spicy season. Go Cats!

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