Carolina Reaper and Ghost Chilli sauce

Carolina Reaper and Ghost Chilli sauce

Reapers & Ghosts hot sauce

Ever since Singularity started making hot sauce, there's always been a murmur in the background. A little white noise that won't go away. No matter how hot the latest sauce is, there is always a collection of voices who tell us It's just not hot enough. We don't always agree but we do always listen. We feel we've obviously not hurt you enough. We feel that we've let you down.

We don't normally focus on heat over flavour, we prefer a balanced blend of both. This is not to say we haven't made some one-off sauces which push the boundaries a bit. We've previously released "Dorset Naga & Apples" and "Reapers & Apples" which still didn't tick that box for you. We had "Ghosts, Limes, Coriander & Pineapples" which destroyed many people…but not you. So for this one-off sauce, we decided the only sensible course of action was not to mix superhots with nice flavours and instead, mix superhots with more superhots.

Today, we're giving "Reapers & Ghosts" to you, the "that's not hot enough" crowd. We hope it delivers that napalm taste experience that you crave. We hope it hurts you as much as you want it to…erm, or something like that.

Reapers & Ghosts in 40ml bottles was available for a short time only. You utter maniacs.

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