Prototype hot sauces available

Get your hands on our prototype hot sauces

Unless you've been a close friend or family member, our prototype hot sauces have been something you might have only seen on Instagram

At last weeks, Huntly Farmers Market, we did something new and took along two of our "work in progress" sauces to let people try. That went very well. People could taste the experimental flavour/heat combinations we'd been playing with and we got direct and honest feedback from those who don't feel they have to be kind to us ;)

That got us thinking…

Why not release some of these sauces for sale online too. Everyone craves a new and perhaps unusual hot sauce and we crave the honest feedback to allow us to develop the recipes. So let's run with that.

All prototype sauces from this point on, will be available online for £5.00 (+postage). There are never many of them, perhaps only a few bottles at a time but we produce them using the same care and attention as we do our primary sauces. We've even designed prototype labels for them.

WTF is a prototype hot sauce?

We are forever testing new flavour and heat combinations. This is how recipes get made and refined. Hot sauces are the outcome. They are works in progress, experiments, random ideas and collaborations with others. This is where the good stuff gets figured out.

Until now, these have only been available to those who know us personally but todays your day, hot sauce lover, you are now in the "test group".


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