Introductions: Habaneros & Carrots

Introductions: Habaneros & Carrots

A lot of thought and time goes into our sauces and we want to tell you a bit about where the ingredients come from and what you might do with them. In this post, we're going to tell you about "the orange one".

This is our "OG". It's the sauce we made for ourselves before we started making sauce for everyone else. Of the original concoctions we made back in 2015–2018, this is the only one which remains on the roster to this day.

Let's talk about Habaneros. There are a bunch of varieties and some are hotter than others. You know that right? There are also variations on flavour. Our very favourite is the Orange Habanero. We like it better than Scotch Bonnets but we're controversial like that sometimes. We have our Habaneros grown for us by Edible Ornamentals in Bedfordshire. They know what they're doing. We knew we would make a sauce with them but we also didn't want to throw exotic fruits at it. That’s already done very well elsewhere. We wanted something a little less sweet and a bit closer to home.

And so we arrived at Carrots. Of course we did. Slightly sweet and blessed with great colour to pair with an Orange Habanero. Something magical happens to them when we ferment them. Our carrots are sourced locally. Sometimes they're still covered in mud and that's ok. We don't mind spending more prep time on the freshest ingredients. If they've just been hauled out of the planet, we know they've not been through a factory being mercilessly sprayed with chemicals.

We ferment our Habaneros with yellow peppers, onions and garlic in a big tank. It sits around, all bubbling and stuff for at least a month. Closer to the time of being ready, we get our carrots in to ferment with some other bits and bobs. Then we collide it all together with some brown sugar, coriander and turmeric. And the world becomes a better place.

Give this a go on your eggs. Stir it into soups, stews, pasta dishes, curries and anything which could use a little heat bump. It's hot but it's not going to end you. Not like eating a raw orange habanero might.

Ready to try it?

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