Introductions: Jalapenos & Apples

Introductions: Jalapenos & Apples

A lot of thought and time goes into our sauces and we want to tell you a bit about where the ingredients come from and what you might do with them. In this post, we're going to tell you about "the green one".

This is the mildest sauce we make. The ratio between Jalapenos and Apples is deliberately close. Forget what you think you know about the Jalapeño and forget what you think you know about apples.

We use the finest fresh Jalapeños grown for us in the English sunshine by Edible Ornamentals. They come to us in Scotland at the perfect time, before they turn red. We smash them to bits with some garlic and salt. Put it all in a big tank to ferment and we leave it there until our apples are ready.

They are very special apples. We collect them from within walking distance of our kitchen. The mixed cultivars are grown by the head gardener and his team in a National Trust garden. Grown in orchards which have been producing apples for 150 years. These are hand picked and hand sorted for us each year. They are incredible. Purchasing these apples means we support the great work of the National Trust. By buying this sauce, you are doing so also.

The fermented hot sauce tang suits the cultivars we use perfectly. Paired with Jalapeños, Garlic, Coriander and a few other choice ingredients, this becomes a sauce which is both delicious and easy to live with.

Try it with salads and launch it at tacos. In fact, try it wherever you find a green salsa. Give it a go with grilled meats and vegetables.

Ready to try it?

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