Introductions: Reapers & Blackberries

Introductions: Reapers & Blackberries

A lot of thought and time goes into our sauces and we want to tell you a bit about where the ingredients come from and what you might do with them. In this post, we're going to tell you about "the mental one".

Carolina Reapers are mental. You know that, we know that. Let's move on. Ours are grown by Cornish Chillies and they taste great. Many of you might need to just take our word for that.

We source all our blackberries from Castleton Farm, here in Aberdeenshire. We buy them up in large quantities and we freeze them until Reaper season.

We ferment the reapers, blackberries and some red peppers before we process those goodies into a pot with Blackberry vinegar. That vinegar is made just down the road from our kitchen by our pals at Udny Provender.

When we made this one, we weren't sure if we'd done the right thing. We loved it but using the hottest chillies in the world comes with a large consequence. The flavour of those chillies is tremendous but you have to battle a furnace to get to it. We weren't sure if we should keep it going in the form we'd created it as. We decided there was only one way to make a decision about its future. We entered it into the the Great Taste Awards in 2019 for the judges feedback. They awarded it 2 stars. So it stayed.

This one suits stronger, gamier flavours but is also a treat on your eggs. If you're slightly unhinged, you can dress salads with it or try it with figs. If you're as mad as we are, you can skip to splashing it on your vanilla ice cream or on a filled donut. However crazy you are or aren't, don't attempt a cheeseboard without this one. 

Ready to try it?

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