Less, but Hetter

Less, but Hetter

Singularity Sauce Co. have a range of ten flavours. Also, there are almost the same number of collaboration sauces. Not to mention a few other things happening in the shadows.

That's a lot of stuff for one guy to make.

As that one guy, i've been eyeballing our list for some time now. Looking to see if we need to make any changes. That’s meant keeping an eye on interest, opinion, buying patterns and sales.

Theres a bit of a mantra stuck in my head from my design days. It’s very well known and you’ve no doubt heard it…or a version of it.

"Less, but better"
— Dieter Rams

And so, I've made some calls on the lineup and change is coming. I'm creating a core range and a seasonal range, because it's time to do that.

Let's focus in on the core range today.

The first of these changes has already happened. The range is now made up of Het Sass, Smokin’ Het and Mustard. I've upgraded the Het Sass and Smokin' Het recipes. They have improved fermentation processes and are now packing more firepower. Mustard has been so well received that I'm leaving it alone…doesn't mean I won't make more mustards though ;)

I know this will upset some of you but, I’ve decided to retire Het Het right now. Het Sass and Smokin' Het are now elevated to the heat level I think they should always have been at. Not quite Het Het but just Het enough.

Stay tuned for 500ml versions of the core range. Demand for each core sauce is high. Street food businesses, eateries and people like you and me need a larger option and you're going to get it.

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