Please don't encourage us or the hostile lady either

Please don't encourage us or the hostile lady either

We bottled our most extreme sauce to date. It seems only fair to tell you what's in it. This all started when the wonderful Ellie at VegCø gave us some 7Pot Brain Strain chillies to play with. Of course, Mark had to eat one, because he's a lunatic. That "experience" gave way to an idea. Not a good idea, but an idea all the same.

Equal amounts of fresh 7Pot Brain Strain, fresh Purple Naga Viper Brain, fresh Carolina Reaper and fresh Chocolate Scorpion to start with. Then we added our long fermented Carolina Reaper mash, dried Moruga Scorpion and three different types of vinegar. Sounds far from sensible and that's exactly the point.

Great…but what to call it?

Timing is everything. We told you about a lady at a market who called us "bloody idiots". Well, she came back! This time she asked if there was chilli in all our sauces to which we politely replied, "of course!" Her response, once again, didn't disappoint. "Why do you have to ruin everything?", she said to us. Now, we're just about over being to blame for "everything" but couldn't help thinking, "what a perfect name for a hot sauce". And that was that. Thank you hostile lady!

We only make these 40ml hurt bombs because you keep buying them. We politely asked you not to buy this one so we could stop making them.

You completely ignored us.

"Why do you have to ruin everything?" became available on 21/11/2020 and lasted a total of 10 days before you bought all 40+ of them.

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