Pouring one out for some long serving sauces

Pouring one out for some long serving sauces

You'd better take a seat. Today we officially retire a bunch of our sauces as you've known them. Jalapeños & Apples, Habaneros & Carrots and Reapers & Blackberries are the headliners which are leaving. They are joined by Reapers & Mangoes and Purple Naga Viper Brain & Blueberries.

These are our original sauces. In one form or another, they have grown with us over the years from 100ml bottles to the 150ml bottles, moving from Komodo Dragon chillies to Carolina Reapers in one instance and with no less than 4 changes of label designs along the way.

The last ever batch of Jalapenos & Apples is already made. And because this is the last batch, we're going to dress it in its retro, embossed labels. One last time. As this sauce uses the apples grown in the 150 year old orchard at Pitmedden Garden, we will make it available first on the 25th September at the Apple Sunday event in the garden. The sauce will go on general sale later that day until it's sold out and we have no doubt it will indeed sell out. Be ready.

Habaneros & Carrots has been a difficult sauce to explain from the very beginning. The main thing I've learned is that carrots aren't perceived as being nearly as exciting as other ingredients are. Shame. Once tasted, this one had its share of fans and I can already feel the glares from those of you who relentlessly pursue every batch. Sorry everyone, this sauce in the form you knew it, has now said goodbye. Rumour has it there are still a few bottles out there in the wild. Go snap em up, there won't be any more.

Reapers & Blackberries was the sauce that made our name. We brought extreme flavour to extreme heat and showed you don't have to sacrifice flavour in the pursuit of heat. It won 2 stars at the great taste awards and it made the top 10 list of "best fruit based hot sauces in the world" out in California. It also made the Bauce Brothers top 100 list in the UK. A sauce that will always hold a special place in our hearts. But, we've decided to evolve it. Let's put it this way… we wouldn't replace a sauce of that magnitude with a worse one, now would we? Announcement coming soon.

Reapers & Mangoes has also now gone the way of Reapers of Blackberries. Stand by for the future of this once vicious hooligan.

Purple Naga Viper Brain & Blueberries is going to be missed but we just can't get our hands on the chillies we need for this sauce at the quality we expect. This one will be missed on your cheeseboards and in your ice cream.

So we've just retired 5 sauces from our range. A sad day. Except, with the addition of 7Pot Pineapple last year and mentions above of two new evolutions of old favourites coming this year, the future of taco night will indeed remain bangin'!

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