Ice Hockey and the art of real BBQ sauce

Ice Hockey and the art of real BBQ sauce

Mark McAulay

Here comes our ongoing collaboration with Aberdeen Lynx Ice Hockey. Aberdeen’s premier ice hockey team.

 Looking around, we discovered no other local sport team had its own hot sauce. So we decided we should work together to make at least one. We figured out the finer details and we got to work.

This was clearly going to involve a BBQ at some point. Although in different ways, both ourselves and the hockey team are no stranger to taking a hard hit to the face. We decided we should make at least one hot BBQ sauce.

And we did make one.

We made a real sauce out of real ingredients. It involves our fermentation magic. A process which has already delivered awards and accolades. No sickly sweet, ketchup based cop outs here. No disappointing "spicy vinegar". Just proper sauce made from the ground up. With purpose.

HOLY PUCK launched on 19th March and by the evening of the 23rd March, we'd sold out the first allocation both online and offline. It went fast.

Summer is coming and grills will fire into life. We’re keen to test the heat limits of the team at some point. Our only hope is they don’t reciprocate by putting us on the ice.

We reckon Ice Hockey is the hottest sport in our city right now (oh yes we did).

Singularity Sauce Co have since been named as the pre-game warmup sponsors for the 2022/23 season. The first time a hot sauce co has been a shirt sponsor of an ice hockey team in the world.

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