The sauce which started it all is back…briefly

The sauce which started it all is back…briefly

Our early testers will remember "O". It's the first sauce we sent out in bottles to get feedback on. We decided to bring it back briefly, for a last hurrah before we leave those early pages of our recipe book behind permanently. We even dressed it up in its original label style.

There were only 15 bottles of it and there will only ever be those 15.

A history lesson

On the 29th October 2017, we'd developed five prototype recipes looking for what would become our first sauce available in bottles. We'd worked our way through no small quantity of various chillies until we found the Carolina Reaper. Our 6th batch became the first sauce we put in a bottle and boy, did it pack a punch. Following on from "M", we called this one "O" (makes some kind of sense if you're into star spectral classification).

As we've gone on to discover, it's impossible for sauce producers to mention the Carolina Reaper without also stating "It's the hottest chilli in the world!" (see, we just did it again too). What isn't mentioned nearly enough, is the incredible flavour that comes from this monster. That's what we were after and we were glad we found it.

We initially made 15 x 25ml bottles of this one. Our first bottles were plastic. it took a few more attempts before we moved to the 40ml glass bottles.

"O" was released in 40ml glass bottles with the original style of label and made available online only. It sold out in under 24 hours!

 The original batch of "O" in it's 25ml plastic bottles. We later moved to glass.

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