Karl Willetts loved our sauce

This hot sauce company is go!

This has been almost three years in the making. Twenty bottled experimental sauce recipes were sampled. Many more litres of sauce were discarded. Several processes were tested, accepted or rejected. Many ingredients and pairings were tried and many are never to be spoken of again.

November 2018 sees the launch of Singularity Sauce Co.

We've made many new friends along the way. We continue to collaborate with others and to raid friends and family fruit trees. This year, we sponsored a curry making competition at the Ythanview Hotel and gave out sauce to the winners. We've been grateful for the invaluable advice received from other small producers. We have sent sauce to the U.S, across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. We even made two spicy honeys along the way with our pals at Udny provender.

Our sauce has popped up in local food and drink venues and at events. Just for good measure, we sent some to death metal vocalist Karl Willetts (Memoriam and Bolt Thrower) to make sure it was brutal enough. Karl loved it.

Food hygiene certificates have been achieved. Environmental health registration and inspection has been completed. We are now able to launch for real.

Your time has come to try it and we can't wait to hear what you think about our sauces. Be like Karl.

Karl Willetts of Memoriam

 Image: Grywnn [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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