Transatlantic Habanero Express

Transatlantic Habanero Express

A number of months ago, Luke (Luke's Handcrafted Hot Sauce) and I (Mark from Singularity Sauce Co.) concocted a plan to collaborate on a hot sauce together. This was to be a jointly branded sauce made simultaneously by Luke in Elmer, NJ USA and by me in Tarves, Scotland.

We spent a long time figuring out what kind of sauce this would be, what the ingredients would be, the actual process of making the sauce, what it would be called, how the labels would look and so on. It wasn't always plain sailing, there was sauce thrown out along the way but we both have strong ideas on how a sauce should be and we're very excited to share our creation with you.

This is a heavy-hitting, citrus habanero sauce. Packed with flavours of orange, lime, honey and coriander and erupting with fruity and ferocious habanero heat.

Luke released the first batch in NJ last week and it sold out. Today, we're launching it on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. We can't wait to hear what you think of it.

The Transatlantic Habanero Express has arrived. All aboard!

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