We made a mild sauce using the worlds hottest chillies and gave it a silly name

We made a mild sauce using the worlds hottest chillies and gave it a silly name

We love hot sauce…in fact, we love extremely hot sauce. It's what we've always been about. Over the years though, we noticed something weird…not everybody likes it so hot. It's taken us a while to wrap our heads around this idea and after many, many requests to make a mild sauce, well, we have.

This is not the sort of thing we would take lightly, we weren't just going to smash out something mild and hope for the best. We needed to set some rules:

  1. It should be an everyday sauce for as many people/tastes as possible
  2. It should be made with the same process, care and attention as all of our superhot sauces
  3. We had to use the hottest chilli in the world because Carolina Reapers should be for everyone, right?

We tried lots of recipes, many were too bland, some ended up a little too hot and others…well, we don't speak about those anymore ok? We landed on the recipe and had people with "a korma's too hot for me" outlook test it out. With one final tweak, it's now ready for everyone.

So what's the name about? Well, if you're from the North East of Scotland (as we are), you'll already know. With some assistance from long time Singularity Sauce friend Scott Couper, the Doric dialect in these parts came good. Het Sass is a direct translation of Hot Sauce. We've lost count of the number of times we've been asked if our sauces are "het", well now we have one which is…except it's not.

So to sum up, we made a really mild sauce using the hottest chillies in the world and basically called it hot sauce. Yep, that seems like the sort of thing we'd do!

We're really happy with Het Sass, maybe it'll be the sauce you've been waiting for, maybe it'll be the gateway drug to hotter sauces for you. Let's see what you make of it. You can get your hands on it now.


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