We made it on to a top 100 list

We made it on to a top 100 list

Mark McAulay

Today, Bauce Brothers, with the help of Condimaniac, released the list of the top 100 hot sauces to try in the UK…and we made it! Well specifically, Het Sass made it. We're really pleased with ourselves right now…

It may come as a surprise to some that there are even 100 hot sauces in total in the UK. We've been beating the hot sauce drum here in Aberdeenshire for the best part of a year now and a look at this list will show the depth and diversity of the UK hot sauce scene. Each of these sauces is made by a unique producer and each of those producers make more than one sauce. The industry is booming and we're definitely in some quality company today.

Thanks for featuring us Bauce Brothers, you've made an Aberdeenshire sauce maker very proud today :)

Prepare your taste buds and your wallets for utter carnage: The Craft Hot Sauce Hot One Hundred! - One hundred essential hot sauces you need to try in 2020. [UK]

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