Week one done

Week one done

What a first week that's been!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has ordered our first batch of Dragons, Apples and Raspberries. It's been incredible to read about, and to see orders arriving on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We even received our first international order…hello Sweden!

You can find our sauce on the menu at both 99 and Vovem in Aberdeen.

The Tilly Butcher ran "the Singularity Sausage challenge" using a special blend of madness and mayhem we made for them. They made a batch of sausages and sold them to the brave people of Aberdeen for one day only.

If you're passing Fits the scoop in Culter over the next few weeks, you may be lucky enough to pick up a bottle there.

Cliff at Devon Chilliman deserves special recognition for supplying me with something I'd never heard of before, the "Purple Naga Viper Brain". I've got loads of them fermenting and they will be smashed into blueberries in a couple of weeks to produce our first "special". I took a bite out of one of these chillies and you can see how that went down over on Instagram. There will be 20 bottles available on the site and the rest will pop up in places throughout Aberdeen/shire.

A new batch of Habaneros, Carrots and Coriander is underway and there will be plenty of it to go around. Should be ready before Christmas ;)

The demand has taken me by surprise but rest assured, I've got many KG of Superhots which I'm turning into more sauce for you.

Our sauce is now out there, let's see what you're made of.

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