Where to find us in December 2022

Where to find us in December 2022

We've pulled out a few stops this year and we've released three gift packs to cover all your bases and as much skin as necessary to keep you a little bit warmer. You see, we come from the cold end of the island and we know just how important hats, socks and hot sauce are. So we made hats, socks and of course, hot sauce.

We have three gift packs for your most deserving recipients (we all know that's really just yourself but nobody's judging).

Find us at the Aberdeen Christmas Market on the following dates:

Friday 25th November 11:00–19:00
Saturday 26th November 11:00–19:00
Sunday 27th November 11:00–18:00

Friday 09th December 11:00–19:00
Saturday 10th December 11:00–19:00
Sunday 11th December 11:00–18:00

Friday 16th December 11:00–19:00
Saturday 17th December 11:00–19:00
Sunday 18th December 11:00–18:00


As a one off date, you will find us at Oldmachar Academy on Saturday 03 December for the parent council Christmas fair. Mark was a pupil here. Frankly, we're surprised they asked him back :)

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