Yes but why is the sauce gone?

Yes but why is the sauce gone?

I'm receiving quite a few messages asking when sauce will be in stock again. I feel I owe you some words. A little update on things.

Firstly, i need to point you in the direction of this other new post covering 5 of our sauces.

It's worth pointing out for those that might not know, that this whole sauce company has operated from the kitchen of our family home. It grew to the point where it just wasn't possible to grow any more. That's why in March 2022, I spoke to property agents about finding a new home for the business. And find one they did. Game on…i thought.

I started making a plan to move into a commercial unit. My original plan had me in that unit and building our commercial kitchen from June. That's why we ran our crowdfunder when we did (thank you all once again for backing us so hard) and that's when I ceased production at home, to allow us to get the business side of things in order for the move. Importantly, to give us our family space back in our home. I then focussed on how we get operational in the sauce lab, ideally at the start of August.

I began waiting for the official entry date, keen to show you the required instagram post of some keys. June became July and then July became August and still there was no sign of an entry date. And so the messages began from you, our customers, asking when sauces would be available. We had only planned to be out of production until August. Now August was here and there was still not even an entry date. Had I known better, I would have kept our production at full tilt until we at least had the keys. But I've never done this before. I got caught out. I'm sorry about that.

As planned, we launched our new HET SASS range for you all. We made more bottles of those 5 sauces than we've ever made at one time. We thought that would satisfy demand until probably October. But then you showed us how you really feel about the sauces and you decimated those bottles in a matter of weeks. That was us with loads of "sold out" notices up again. The number of and frequency of messages asking for an update came in more strongly than ever. And still no movement on the unit.

It was at this point, after months of patience and being guided by others, that I decided enough was enough and I went full Hulk. I won't say any more about that at present but I do feel like things may be in motion.

So I have to ask you for a little more patience. I really don't want to have to ask this of you and I am sorry about that. As a bit of transparency on our release schedule, I've spilled the beans on what we're releasing next below. I usually keep this stuff close to my chest but I feel I owe you. I mean I know this is just the promise of sauce rather than actual sauce but I hope it shows there is some action behind the scenes and I'm working to get it in your hands as soon as I can.

Coming in Sept 2022

Jalapeños & Apples
The last ever batch! And because this is the last batch, we're going to dress it in its retro embossed labels. One last time. As this sauce uses the apples grown in the 150 year old orchard at Pitmedden Garden, we will make it available there first on the 25th September at the Apple Sunday event. It will go on general sale later that day until it's sold out and we have no doubt it will indeed sell out fast. Be ready.

7Pot Bramble
We did what you thought we wouldn't dare do (This is starting to sound like a Prodigy lyric). We evolved our first Great Taste Awards, two star winner, Reapers & Blackberries. And so we no longer have a 2 star award on our roster. Even though this new version is totes at least a 7. This one will be along just as soon as we beg the printer to fast track its labels.

Ghosts and Apricots
A prototype! A re-imagining of a previously made prototype but with a twist. There won't be much of this one released. Maybe only 40 bottles. Crowdfunder backers who chose the prototype reward are already assured of one (more on that in a future update).

Re-Up of Hets
We made hundreds of these and you keep decimating those stock levels every time we release them. The next batches will be released ahead of North Hop Aberdeen on the 24th and i think we have enough for one more release before christmas.

Coming in Oct 2022

7Pot Mango
Remember when we made Russel Brand gibber on about dolls houses and a Teletubbies day spa? Sure you do. Reapers & Mangoes needed to grow up a bit. It was a mouthy wee hooligan and it needed an arm around its shoulder and a quiet, yet firm word in its ear. And so, here comes its evolution. Better chillies, better flavours, better labels. Less likely to make your face look like a melted welly boot

7Pot Pineapple
We all know this one. The labels are still burnt into your retinas from last year. It's the current "Best Calienté Hot Sauce in the UK" and it's coming for your tacos, your fajitas, your pizza, your cheese and your soul.

We've had a year of transition and even though so much has held us back, delayed us and generally made life miserable for us, we'll return at full strength in 2023 with our sauce lab full of fermenting magic and ready to stock everyone who hasn't forgotten about us. At that point we have several new products coming as well as the return of our now famous, mustard.

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