Hot Sauce should be for everyone

Hot Sauce should be for everyone

We’ve put together a series covering the top 5 questions asked of us. Others might have rolled out a FAQ section for this. We’re built differently. Let’s get on with it.

At number 4 is:

Is Singularity Sauce vegan?

You ask if our sauces are vegetarian or vegan a lot. We are also asked if our sauces are gluten free and if anything we make contains nuts. We make no secret of our ingredients but realise that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Here’s the lowdown on what we pay attention to in production. We do this as part of our efforts to try and make sure that hot sauce is for everyone.

So the quick answer is all our products are vegan and gluten free by default.

From there, we pay attention to allergens. In fact, we only use three of the 14 listed allergens across our full product range. Soya, Mustard and Sulphites. Also, our facility is completely free of nuts. They’re not even allowed in the building.

We try to make our products as inclusive as we can.

We didn’t start off this way back in 2019 but by 2021, we had made a decision and started on a path. We arrived at our mantra along the way: “hot sauce should be for everyone”.

Removing or replacing all animal products was relatively easy. Saying goodbye to honey was the most difficult. That forced us to be a bit more creative though, and we’re better for it. We then got to work developing our recipes to reduce allergens where we could. Over the years since, we’ve gone on to make “cleaner” products.

Bizarrely, this doesn’t come without a little pain. Sometimes we face criticism and snide comments and every now and again, a bit of abuse. Sometimes we get comments like “I don’t like how everything has to be vegan these days” and “vegan food is bad for you”. Nope, we don’t understand why we face comments like these either.

The pinnacle of our drive for “cleaner” ingredients at time of writing, is our Buffalo Hot Sauce. Despite the traditional components of a Buffalo sauce, we've made ours plant based. That in itself isn’t unique but ours is also devoid of any allergens. It also doesn’t contain vinegar. And we're pretty confident saying it tastes better too. We have the pillars of a good buffalo sauce down. Tasty, Tangy, Sweet and Hot. We could make only this sauce and be flat out. You love it and you tell us so. It seems that making sure anyone can buffalo anything they like was a good idea. Doubly so when it tastes as good as our Buffalo Hot Sauce does.

So, we’ll keep focussing on making hot sauce for everyone. This forces us to always get better and to always make better.
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