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Buy Ice Cream (2023)

Buy Ice Cream (2023)

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The fourth incarnation of our “dessert sauce gone wrong” concept is here.

Following in the footsteps of three brutal predecessors, our 2023 sauce is different. What it doesn't have in brutal heat, it makes up for in sheer cunning. Basically, it's a sneaky wee shite.

Looking at it, you might think this is some kind of maple syrup, or yet another hot honey. That would be your first mistake. Although it does kinda look like that. You see… Sneaky. But wait, it says on the label that this is about "that red sauce". Why isn't it red? you see…Sneaky.

When you pop the lid and have a taste, you're going to discover raspberries and habaneros. Oh hell yes it's sweet, but those habaneros. No it really is sweet, but hang on, it's a raspberry sauce!

Enjoy the ride.


Heat: 3/5

Ingredients (allergens in bold):
Raspberry Vinegar, Orange Habaneros, Raspberries, Water, Sugar, Lime Juice, Xanthan Gum

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