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Chocolate Smoked - 2022 Edition

Chocolate Smoked - 2022 Edition

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This is a collaboration project between and Happy Hatter Hot Sauce.

Produced in Belgium, this one does the rounds of all the big chilli festivals from it's home, to Amsterdam, Berlin…you get the idea. An addictive taste explosion to level up your Mexican food, Ribs, Wings, Pizza and Pasta dishes. Brought to the UK for you, by us, because you deserve the best.

Fresh Carolina Reapers, smoked Chipotle pods, French smoked Garlic & red bell peppers, oven roasted for a natural sweetness, raw cacao for that velvety chocolate finish – finished off with fresh lime, ginger & Provençale herbs.


Heat: 5/5

Ingredients (Allergens in BOLD):
Roasted Bell Peppers, Red Wine Vinegar(sulphites), Carolina Reaper, Smoked Chipotle, Red Onion, Roasted Garlic, Lime, Raw Cacao, Ginger, Olive Oil, Salt, Provençal Herbs(celery)

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