Yes, we’ve seen Hot Ones

Yes, we’ve seen Hot Ones

We’ve put together a series covering the top 5 questions asked of us. Others might have rolled out a FAQ section for this. We’re built differently. Let’s get on with it.

At number 3 is:

Have you seen that YouTube show with the celebrities?

For a show that’s grown the way it has, we’re surprised that so few people we meet, can recall its actual name. We often end up in conversations about this. Topics like: “have you seen that show with the celebrities eating hot stuff” or “we’ve been watching a thing on YouTube where famous people eat spicy wings”. We hear these things a lot.

So imagine peoples surprise when we drop this nugget into the conversation…

Yes we know of Hot Ones. We were once lucky enough to have a hot sauce on the show!

We wrote about this amazing sequence of events at the time. And the sauce? Sadly we retired our Reapers & Mangoes sauce in 2022. It’s still spoken about in certain circles. Rumours of it still being contained within various fridges abound. If it’s big heat you’re after, we can introduce you to Our Hottest Sauce. No Mangoes in that one but plenty of flavour coming from ginger, lime, maple and Moruga Scorpions.

Maybe one day we’ll be lucky enough to have a full season outing. Pretty sure we’re still the only Scottish sauce that’s been on Hot Ones. We’ll always be the first Scottish hot sauce on Hot Ones.
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Come here for sauce?

Singularity make potent and provocative hot sauces. We make them hot, flavoursome and simple. Always made by ourselves in Scotland. These are the sauces we want for ourselves.